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Decisions For Change – Using Personal Power

How many times have we heard ourselves or others complain about the conditions of life or events? How many times have we said that someone else “made” us feel a certain way or do a certain thing? In my job as a school counselor here in the Nashville area, I hear almost daily “He made me.

6 Advanced Tips For Amazing Brain Power! Super Brain Secrets

Some of the greatest minds like Einstein, Edison, Plato, Socrates had 1 thing in common that placed them at the peak of intelligence. These brilliant minds understood the potential of the human mind, and knew how to us it to its best ability to make their revolutionary discoveries.

Using the Power of the Mind to Change Your Reality

Do you want to change your reality? It’s not all that hard to change your current reality to a much better one just using the power of the mind. The more you learn about how to use your mind the more you increase your mind power.

Mindfulness – A Skillful Means For Paying Attention

Mindfulness is the process of paying attention to what we’re doing, thinking, saying and feeling in a way that cultivates the compassionate heart, the clear mind and the ability to stay present with whatever arises. Although part of a highly developed methodology for training the mind, these skills are learn-able and available to anyone who is willing to take a closer look at his/her own mind.

How to Awaken the Power of the Mind

Many people are not aware among the true electric power from the mind. You could possibly be one particular human being who have only just noticed of this principle. You’d probably be doing yourself a favor also for those who make a decision now to keep an open mind about this concept. Now that you understand something about the best way to tap the effectiveness of your spirit, you may be putting yourself squarely relating to the journey of individual accomplishment. Here are best simple points on ways to wake up the effectiveness in you.

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