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What Makes People LUCKY?

Why not become a News Maker instead of a News Watcher? What is that special ingredient that separates the people you consider to be very successful from the rest? What is it that makes 95% of the population news watchers rather than news makers? Unlock and recharge your ‘luck magnet’ within.

Is it True That Anyone Can Increase Their Intelligence?

Yes it is! Right from birth our intelligence is rising, our little brain is taking in everything, it only stalls or stops due to negative influences and experiences. This can stop us learning further, and leave us believing that we are what we are, and that’s it.

Top 3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Deep Brain Stimulation

This article will discuss about some of the facts you did not know about deep brain stimulation. These are just pointers to show you how far it has advanced and what the key difference between deep brain stimulation and other forms of mind regression therapy that can benefit you in both your personal and professional life.

How Exercise Improves Brain Function

The advantages of exercise on the human body should not be viewed in isolation; it’s totally incorrect to think only organs below the neck benefit from regular physical activity. To determine how exercise improves brain function, you should start with heart and lung exercise first and consider better memory and brain power as a bonus.

Subliminal Message Software – The Shocking Truth

If you ever wondered about the effectiveness of the subliminal message software, then this article might be of great importance to you. It has been argued that the subliminal software does not bring the exact results desired by the user. This myth was created to discourage people from using the software so that they never discover the power of subliminal messaging and their full potential!

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