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ASMR FOR MEN (everything you asked for)

Can You Think Like Einstein? Learn to Develop Your Mental Capabilities

Many can argue that Albert Einstein had one of the greatest, if not greatest, minds in human history. What separated him from the rest of the crowd and achieved greatness? One of my mentors studied his history to learn what traits he had and how he developed the use of his mind. He learned that Einstein practiced four disciplines that allowed him to develop high use of his mental capabilities.

5 Setbacks That Stop You BIG Time

Have you ever felt that you want to succeed but whatever you do there seems to be all kinds of things that are stopping you? While it is true that life happens, it’s how we respond to it that makes a difference.

How to Remember More Lucid Dreams Tonight in 3 Easy Steps

You could have had a lucid dream last night but didn’t realize it! Why? Because if you can’t remember your dreams then you won’t remember a lucid dream. Follow these three simple steps and start remembering your dreams tonight.

Reticular Activating System – Send the Gatekeeper a New Memo

The Reticular Activating System (RAS for short) is a tiny part of the brain with a big and important job. It controls consciousness and acts as a filter. At any given moment you have approximately 2 million bits of sensory information available to you.

Tune Up Your Mind

Begin with a positive thought about the day before you even get out of bed and begin your activities your used to. A positive and optimistic attitude is the best medicine to oppose pessimistic thoughts. You can think of a positive action that you will take during the day and say to yourself that you can handle it and it doesn’t matter how hard it could be.

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