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ASMR FOR MEN (you won’t regret watching this)

Gain Or Lose – It’s Your Decision

Has the very thought of a decision that could affect the rest your life make you a complete nervous wreck? Even the most trivial, minor decisions send you into a state of anxiety when you start thinking of the possible things that could go wrong.

Mind Mapping With View Your Mind – The Lessons of the Icons

Mind mapping is a powerful way to stimulate the creative thinking process. It is a form of a complex doodle with ideas generating out from a central word or phrase.

I Don’t Teach

I was not a good student. I am always a good learner. That’s the reason I’ve chosen to be a teacher. I don’t teach my students. I motivate them to learn the subject by absorbing the needed contents from me.

How to Concentrate

Have you ever been with some friends and you didn’t hear anything of what they said because your focus was on something else? Have you ever watched a program and suddenly you notice that you have no idea what the program was about.

7 Special Qualities to Recognize When Choosing the Right Psychotherapist For You

Most people face significant challenges in their lives at one time or another with family, friends, an intimate relationship or a person with whom they work. Such difficulties can affect your energy level, concentration, motivation and most importantly, how you feel. While speaking with a friend or family member can provide some temporary relief, there is no substitute for the help of a professional psychotherapist or counselor, who can be objective, supportive and on your side. So how do you know what to look in a psychotherapist, when seeking help?

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