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ASMR IN MY BEDROOM ❤︎ (Sleep ASAP, Classic Ear to Ear Whispers, 4K)

Mind Power – Your Most Powerful Tool in Life

Use your mind power to succeed. Focus on one thing at a time. Create a place in your mind where you can go to escape. Eliminate distractions. Use mind power to improve the quality of your life.

3 Steps You Can Take to Increase Mind Power With Quantum Physics

Can you imagine having the mind power to attract an abundance of health, wealth, and relationships easily and effortlessly? Quantum physics talks about this in detail.

The Secret of How to Stop Being Self Conscious

For years, people have tried to figure out how to be less self conscious in all types of situations. To truly be less self conscious requires that an individual recognize that the entire world is not looking at them constantly. Ironically, everyone else is so busy looking at themselves that they probably don’t have time to look at other people anyway.

Brainwave Activity – Understanding Yours Will Give You a Great Advantage in Life

Most scientists and researchers have concluded that brainwave activity is composed of five discrete frequencies, and all people have them. These frequencies have all been scientifically recorded and charted and they are; alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta. Each of these brainwaves operates differently and each has its own unique purpose. There is no one specific brainwave frequency that is better than another as they all have a different function in controlling various parts of the mind.

The Power of Effective Questions to Drive Your Mind

Have you ever had someone ask you a question to a puzzle you could not figure out on the spot but then suddenly at 2am in the morning you magically came up with the answer while you weren’t even thinking about it? Find out why.

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