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6 Points to Remember When Your Emotion Becomes Out of Control

What will you do when your emotion is taking over you? Go through these points that the author suggests to you before you get totally angry, fearful, or hysterical. You will get better in controlling your emotions practicing this method. The author talks from his own experience tried this method, which worked for him. It would work for you, too.

What Does it Take to Be a Good Leader?

We always hear people saying they are going to change, or why don’t you change? Change is very difficult, but necessary for success. The only constant is change. Your ability to grow and succeed as a leader is directly related to your ability to change.

Karate is For Defense Only

The people who owns perfect power for defense has the strongest mind control and has won even without fighting. The author explains importance of defense strategy and skills, which bring you master status of mind whereas you could win even before fighting without fighting. He suggests acquiring, maintaining, check, and strengthening your defense strategy for winning lives race.

The Recession is More of a Mindset Than an Event

Without question, there is a global economic crisis. And it is an inevitable fact that everyone is being affected or will be affected by it in some way or another.

Mind Power – Harness Your Subconscious Mind

Mind Power, a philosophy of learning to create a more dynamic and successful life, is considered a step beyond ‘positive thinking.’ Mind Power is a straightforward, system based on the power of thought and the power of the subconscious mind. It is a self-help program that uses affirmations, visualization and the many techniques that aids in harnessing the power of your subconscious mind.

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