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Mentalism Tricks – Getting Started With Mentalism

What is Mentalism? Mentalism is a type of magic. Mentalism is highly associated with psychology.

The Texture of Darkness – A Pure Opinion

Darkness had existed for a very long time in history of the earth. It was gathered that the creation of the earth came with simultaneous existence of what I will describe as superficial organs of the earth; some of these organs include darkness and light. Philosophers believe that the earth actually came into existence billions of years ago; as a result of the big-bang explosion, they say gave birth to the earth.

Decluttering Your Mind in 6 Simple Steps

I read many blogs that hold as their premise the concept of decluttering and simplifying your life (and admittedly consider Zen Habits and Unclutterer to be two of the best). They promote minimal lifestyles rooted in principles of simplicity, productivity, and effectiveness.

Can Brain Trainers Help You Keep Up With Olympic Ice Skating Action?

One brain trainer can’t do it all. Different brain trainers bring different results. Does any one of your brain trainers help you keep up with fast action? Like ice skating at the Olympics? If you cannot tell if that ice skater just did a triple axel or a double, maybe you should read on.

Mind Development – The Power of Your Mind

The door was first opened to me how powerful the mind is when a friend gave me a book called “Emotional Prisoner” by Jose Villegas III. After I read “Emotional Prisoner”, I began to understand that the person who I am today is based on all of the beliefs that I have developed up to this point.

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