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Are Brain Exercises Just For Fun? Is There Truth to ‘Use it Or Lose It’?

Brain teasers and exercises aren’t just for fun. It’s been proven that working out your brain will expand your mental capacity and serve you well into old age.

Top 10 Brain Enhancers

The 10 best known methods to enhance brain function. Topics include sleep, speed reading, food such as chocolate, fish and coffee, drugs and supplements like ritolin and HGH, and other less known methods.

Objective and Subjective Thinking

How can we get to better place in our lives? Learn to view the world objectively without the mind creating thoughts of struggles in order to survive. To see the world objectively, you must come to terms with accepting reality. When the eyes are closed, we reject and oppose another individual for the morals they uphold.

How Thoughts Form Images

Thinking is the highest function we are capable of yet to understand the process of how thoughts are formed remains misunderstood. We think in pictures and until we have a clear concise picture of what it is we desire we will create undesirable results. Create the image in the minds eye before it becomes a reality to manifest what you want. Every thing is created twice, once in the mind and then in the physical. We live in a metaphyical world.

Do the Blind Have a Creative Imagination?

What a funny question- do the blind have an imagination? Of course, you retort, probably thinking about this issue for the first time. So what is going on here? What are the blind seeing when they use their imaginations? What is really involved in developing the skill of imagination, which requires seeing images at least mentally? Senses, plus meaningful connections as understood in the brain, and accumulated memories of those impressions over time, all together construct a repertoire of material to draw from in then interpolating and extrapolating forward as imagination.

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