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It is Possible to Learn Even When Asleep Through Subliminal Learning

It’s amazing but true that it is possible to learn even in deep sleep. When a person is asleep, the activities around the person still continue to happen. The brain picks these signals and stores it. The difference in the functioning of brain when the person is asleep as compared to when he is awake is the degree of awareness of the conscious and subconscious mind.

Why You Should Use Brainwave Technology Over Other Methods of Hypnosis Therapy

There are many, many reasons to support the use of brainwave technology over any type of hypnosis therapy. First of all, hypnosis therapy is a questionable method because it requires or in most instances involves putting yourself under the control of another person, a therapist. Even if one is skilled enough to practice self-hypnosis, there are many dangers involved. Brainwave technology does not require the involvement of an outside source since the brain and the mind are able to work together without any assistance.

The Human Mystic

Most of us have been brought up in a materially oriented culture, a culture that focuses on individualism and the development of our own personality. We are taught that we are all separate and are defined by our ethnicity, our physical appearance, our perceived intelligence, and certain personality characteristics.

The Best Mind Control Techniques

What do you think of when you hear the words – ‘Mind Control’? Does it sound supernatural or something that you can achieve? Most of the people think it as something of the supernatural.

Be Helpful, Useful, and Friendly

What do you think is the most important factor in promoting your own business? What do you think is the driving force of your business going? The author shows his vision on importance of “Outer Triangle” and “Inner Core Triangle”. He believes that they are important like both wheels of a car. Find them out here.

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