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3 Secret Tips to Unlock the Mind For Positive Changes

It is a psychological fact that ninety percent of our mental power is never or seldom used. Therefore, most men have the power to achieve 10 times as much as they ever accomplish. You probably have seen people around you who seem to accomplish great things with little effort or no effort at all. The truth is, they do the tasks effortlessly because unconsciously, they have engaged the subconscious mind to work with their actions seamlessly. Fortunately, there are ways to replicate their success by developing certain success habits.

Overcoming Your Fears

I love writing and talking about fear because it’s an emotion I’ve had a chance to face so many times – in acrobatics and in daily life too. I think the way you deal with fear transcends the content, the situation, the person. That’s because I believe that fear is a catalyst for change – and anyone or anything can be a catalyst.

Lucid Dreaming For the Beginner

The steps to lucid dreaming are well documented and anyone who persist long enough can master them. There is no need to purchase products that promise something they cannot deliver when these techniques can be mastered on your own.

Gray Hair and Mind Rot

As the hair goes gray, one must attend to nutrition, physical exercise and mental exercise to retain a high state of performance. I contend that without stimulating mental exercise, mind rot sets in robbing one of various cognitive powers. I offer creative writing, with its many side benefits, as a prescription of ward off mind rot.

Absorb Knowledge Better With Subliminal Learning

How would you like to be a veritable sponge for absorbing information, learning and retaining whole volumes and libraries of information with the ease of a whole host of academics, shocking everyone with your knowledge, winning game shows and sweeping the local pub quiz nights with your quick banter, encyclopaedic brain and almost vast and endless pits of knowledge? Now you can as well with the technology called subliminal learning.

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