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Use Mind Power – How To Develop The Power Of Faith

Faith is one of the key ingredients of success. Faith lets you start on a project where the outcomes are uncertain, faith sustains you until you see the results of your labour. You may think that faith is something you just have, but it’s not. Faith is something you can acquire, find out how.

Mindfulness Is A Key To Attitude Development

Mindfulness is is that we are awake to the experiences inside our selves – body, mind, heart and spirit – while being aware of what is going on around us. That includes our relationships with people, the natural world, our surroundings and the events that happen to us. We then respond to occurrences while remaining true to ourselves.

Child Mind, Subconscious Mind

Many people will tell you that your subconscious mind is like a computer – you can program it by repeating certain words and it will do exactly what you want it to do. That is great as far as it goes, but the analogy is not quite correct. The subconscious mind is more like a very precocious 7 year old child, and treating it as such will get you farther, faster than the old computer method.

Aura’s – Why Can’t I See Them

If everyone has an aura why can’t I see them? What is the definition for an aura?

How to Improve Brain Power

You need not fear developing Alzheimer’s Disease if you actively engage your brain in stimulating mental exercises. Find out more about the various ways to do so.

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