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Brain Teasers Games For Kids

No age is too early for starting the basic education of children. You can definitely start sharpening the cognitive thinking skills which will help them to enhance their basic intelligence. You will find a lot of fun brain teasers games which are definitely helpful in enhancing the different mental abilities.

Games For the Brain – Play Brain Games to Keep Your Mind Healthy and Alert

As the age increases, most people tend to experience memory loss along with other problems. This memory loss may not seem as serious in the primary stages and it manifests itself in simple instances like forgetting the phone number of your close friend, not able to recall the date of your own anniversary or forgetting where you have kept the car keys. This can be neglected at first but when it becomes more frequent you will definitely find it inconvenient. Therefore there are different games for brains which are specially designed to train or exercise the mental capacities.

Do Your Children Have Empowering Beliefs?

So while different people are born with different levels of intelligence, our IQs are not fixed throughout our lifetime. Intelligence can increase with the right mental stimulation. But is there a LIMIT to how intelligent we can become? Can a slow learner truly train himself to become highly intelligent?

Create Wealth by Using the Right Mindset

You don’t have to be born rich or be the smartest or most innovative person in the world to be rich. Here are a few tips about how to muster up the proper mindset so you can make more money.

The Benefits of Tending to Our Dreams

Over the years of doing dreamwork, I have learned why it is so important for us to tend to and listen to our dreams, and to make them a part of our daily experience. This article explains some of those reasons.

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