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Self-Centeredness – A Symptom of Thinking Small

Self-centeredness has become a staple of our modern society. Rare nowadays are situations where a person gives up on personal ambition to aid in the betterment of another individual.

Self Confidence – Knowing Your Abilities

Many people struggle with self confidence because they don’t believe in themselves. While you must admit when you don’t have the knowledge or skill to accomplish what you’re doing, this is more often not the case. This brief article can help you determine whether you’re struggling due to lack of skill or whether you’re simply counting yourself out. In addition, there’s an exercise you can practice to help you begin to correct this problem.

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

If you ever feel frustrated because you feel as though you are not accomplishing the things you know you want to do, check your thoughts and what they are telling you. Usually, this is a mindless habit. You listen to this background chatter within your mind and become convinced that what it says is truth.

The Exact Way to Cure Depression

There are several reasons on how a person may experience depression. It can also be triggered by environmental and physiological factors. Depression must be treated and avoided because it may lead to serious problems such as insanity.

Fighting Resistance

When making changes in your life be prepared for resistance by the part of you that does not want to let go of the fear. Fear of the unknown is the biggest reason for staying stuck in a rut. It can be frightening to uncover the underlying fear that has kept you a prisoner for so long. You can learn to challenge and face this fear so that you can achieve the things you desire in life.

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