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3 Activities to Help Utilize Brain Power

Increasing our brain power is something not impossible to do. All of us are born with the capacity to learn and for most of us; we tend to rely on what is already given to us.

How to Mind Map – 4 Tips That Will Guarantee Learning Success

If you don’t know mind mapping is, now is a very good time to find out. This technique will save you many headaches and literally hours when organizing and learning information. This is also an excellent tool to add to your arsenal when improving time management skills and the best part is that this in very easy to learn.

Power Naps Improve Brain Power

Students hoping to ace an upcoming exam might want to consider a mid-afternoon power nap as part of their preparation to improve brain power according to recent findings. A long afternoon nap has the ability to prepare the brain to remember.

Solving Workplace Challenges For People With ADHD – Working Memory

Working memory enables one to hold facts in mind while manipulating information. It also allows us to retrieve facts stored in long term and short term memory. Working memory is responsible for our ability to hold many items in mind as we consider different angles of a complex problem simultaneously. It requires an ability to hold our attention on a project or task over time.

The Art of Subliminal Messages – Video in the Self-Help Industry

Subliminal messages video advertising is the use of words, images or sounds that are not initially seen for what they are. These are worked into various forms of media as a way to make hidden suggestions to those who view or hear the advertisement. In most cases well made subliminal message will go completely unnoticed by the conscious mind.

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