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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1524

As Sharp As a Razor’s Edge

Knowledge is structured in consciousness. It is to be recovered, not discovered. It is lost in a deep set of human bias. How can you retrieve this knowledge? Is it easy/

3 Basics of Karate Defense Techniques

Is Karate defense like dancing? Yes, it is. The author shows the willow branch soft technique of Karate defense, which contains a key to undefeatable and unbreakable strong defense. It is soft, flexible, and uses no force. Therefore it is unbreakable.

Subliminal Messages Can Improve Your Life For Good

Everybody wants to possess the most desired thing of their life. When we say ‘most desired’, it can be money, love, health etc. People often set goals for achievement of their object of desire, but very few people have been observed to reach their goals. What is the problem?

How Brainwave Sound Healing Technology Improves and Enriches Our Lives

Man, especially those in the medical field, have been able to learn what the brain looks like and how it works, but how the mind works is one of the mysteries of life. The use of electroencephalogram (EEG) machinery has opened a very small window to allow man to see how the brain works in so far as that is possible to even comprehend much less to understand. One must remember that more than one brainwave occurs in every moment of our very existence.

Rules to Write a Perfect Subliminal Message

People are bombarded with huge subliminal messaging every day, and the beauty of these messages is that we are not aware of them. But still the subliminal message influences our thoughts and beliefs. These messages directly influence your subconscious mind which is considered to be the root of our personality.

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