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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1525

Understanding and Evaluating Why and What

It is important to look minutely in the nuances and major differences of ‘why and what’, so that the comprehensive picture will be evolved. The ‘why’ will express reasoning on a cautious…

Importance of Determination

There are several factors to be happy in our lives and successful in business. Stability of mind is one of them. Sense of balance is another one. Strength of mind is essential factor as well. There are several movies even not serious ones, which talks about how mentality affects our lives and business. I watched Karate Kid several times.

Be the Master of Your Mind!

Be the Master of your mind not the prisoner. I say that often in my sessions and classes, as well as to myself. I can go hours without uttering a word but my mind is talking 1000 miles a minute. Have you ever found yourself thinking about something and you have no idea why you are thinking it?

Can Remote Viewing Really Be Achieved With Binaural Beats?

You may have heard about remote viewing and dismissed it as psychic ‘mumbo jumbo’ but apart from the fact that it helps to reach a certain mind state before trying it, there is nothing paranormal to discover. The fact that US intelligence has developed and deployed remote viewing for espionage and gaining military advantage has shown the validity of the method.

Is it True That Bad Things Always Happen to Good People?

Before endeavoring to understand why bad things could happen to good people we must first answer a few questions of our own. These questions and answers enable us understand why bad things could happen to good people.

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