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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1551

How to Learn New Skills Faster

Some people cannot wait to learn new skills faster, especially if an upcoming event asks for it. Repetition and constant concentration might be the keys, but these two factors are honestly not enough for a person to retain whatever he is trying to remember and execute using what he knows.

Mental Triggers – How to Create Them?

We’re all under a lot of stress these days and we could all use a Mental Trigger to help! If you’re an employee, with this poor economy, your under an unusually high level of on the job stress.

Mind Junk

It’s chattering away constantly telling you why you can’t reach your goal, live your dreams or even something as simple as writing an article! Let’s identify what your mind junk looks like so you can quickly figure out when it’s happening and you can stop paying attention to it.

The Definition of a Mature Mind – “Fugetaboutit”

Over the years I’ve heard some things that have stuck to me like glue, can you relate? Hopefully that which you hear that sticks to you is more on the positive side than the negative. I think if you read this article and ponder it for a sec this principle will stick to you like it has stuck to me.

Metaphysics – A Study For Change

Metaphysics is a body of knowledge that is particularly well suited to deal with the rapidly changing world we live in. Through the study of metaphysics we learn to manifest change, find self-empowerment, and develop a heightened capacity to understand the manifestation of energy and ultimately to create the world that we desire.

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