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What Are the Advantages of Reading Books?

Reading is a very beneficial practice to continue throughout your life. While many do not take the time to read books, it does have a number of advantages that you should consider.

Your Extraordinary Subconscious Mind

Not to make a scholar definition for it and for keeping us very much on our track let’s just say this: The “conscious mind” is that part of your mind with which you analyze data, make associations between the images you see, the words you hear, the scents you detect and also the way you respond to the feelings you might be having. The “subconscious” mind is the omnipotent resource inside yourself out of which you extract the very fabric of your life.

The Law of Growth, the Simple Seed and the Bible

But what’s embodied in that seed? Energy. If energy weren’t present then the seed would simply lay in the ground and eventually rot. But of course there has to be energy in the seed for it to be a seed in the first place. It was collected from last year’s crop. It didn’t simply fall from the sky. This analogy fits perfectly into our own Law of Growth and Law of Attraction.

The Law of Cause and Effect – Is it the Same As the Law of Attraction?

Everything vibrates. We can’t necessarily see it, but the vibration’s there, nevertheless. If you tear off a piece of a leaf and put it under a powerful microscope, you’ll see movement. You certainly won’t see it simply by looking at the leaf, nor will you feel it, but the vibration’s there…

Stop Watching TV, It’s Melting Your Mind – Try Brain Exercises Instead

So, you’d like to become more intelligent, smarter, and to really use this brain power to advance yourself, and your family? Well, then you need to remember something about that little human mind of yours; “use it or lose it!” Yes, the brain works much like a muscle, if you workout each day it grows stronger and stronger. Your mind works in a similar fashion, if you watch TV all day it melts to mush, and if you use it all the time it gets stronger, better at thinking.

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