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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1572

Does TV Rot Your Brain? Television’s Negative Effects on Processing Thoughts

Look closely at the eyes of anyone ‘glued to the TV,’ and you may see zombie eyes or a spaced out expression. TV is made to grab out attention and keep it there. Everyone knows that watching TV feels relaxing. It shuts out the rest of our crazy world and allows us to retreat somewhere else. But did you know that your brain waves are actually altered when you watch TV?

Modern Man’s Dilemma and His Importance of Being Earnest

The fragmented and degenerated life of modern man is one where pretense is the order of the day. Life here is replete with harsh realities and disillusions and is no longer a fantastic tale.

Brain Power – Maximize It!

Even though the interest of human in exploring brain power is evidenced by the preservation of the brains of geniuses about hundred years ago, its vast and incredible power being understood by scientists and neurologists is relatively new. The myth of human using only 10% of its power is not conclusive and no one knows exactly your capacity…

What is the Peak State of Flow Like?

What would it be like to achieve the peak state of ‘flow’? Have you done it yet? Do you want it more consistently?

Online Brain Puzzles For Developing Your Mind

Brain is the supreme head of all human activity and any malfunction of the brain can topple your normal life. The brain is a network center of receiving external stimulus, decoding the information received and storing it for later reference/posterity. And the brain needs to be constantly fed with constructive work/task for superior performance.

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