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How to Unleash the Power of the Subconscious Mind in 3 Easy Steps

Let me tell you the power of your subconscious mind has no limits; it is the most important blessing Allah (God) has give to us, we only need to learn how to master it to achieve out goals. In this article I will go with you into a simple easy to use formula on how to use this power to get your goals, become more happy and achieve your goals, even if it was monetary goals.

How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind

Developing your mind power has a direct relationship to you achieving success in life. Never underestimate what the power of your mind can do.

Something to Learn

The current world is becoming very polarized and decisive. There is an increasing trend of people to think and act as groups, instead of as individuals. The subtleties of unique individualism are being concatenated into “black” and “white” or “Republican” and “Democrat.” The problem that is created by this brand of mass conformity is that people stop looking to learn from people that are not a part of their group.

Harnessing the Miracle of Determination

Have you ever seen Lance Armstrong passionately cycle to the finish line of a demanding race? He defied his many obstacles to become one of the most influential men of our time. Every time he lost a race he worked harder to outperform his competitors. After overcoming a long bout with cancer, he retrained and came back to win the Tour de France to become the second American in history to dominate this grueling 2, 274 mile long international race. What makes him so special? Is he different than any one of us?

Dogs That Don’t Bark

The economist Frederick Bastiat was famous for his writing about the seen and the unseen aspects of life. His primary supposition was that people do not contemplate the impacts of things that they cannot directly see. Another way of saying this is that people never notice dogs that don’t bark. The importance of this insight is that as human beings, we are naturally biased toward impacts that we can see and measure. This frequently leads us to disregard decisions that we did not make or options that we chose to avoid because we cannot see their impact.

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