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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1602

Positive Thinking and Building Thinking Skills

Do you want to build your thinking skills? Here are a few tips on how to do that.

How to Do Mentalism – Some Easy Ways to Start Being a Mentalist

Mentalism is an art of precognition and mind reading. As an art, you should master it through practice. The mind should do the “trick.”

The Spirit of Play – Let’s Play the Game of Life!

What are you doing to stop the flow of abundance into your life? How playing the game of life can make conditions more malleable?

Mindset – A Full Body Workout

There are different ways to encounter money. You can win on Lotto and suddenly be in a position of a millionaire. Bad luck! In order to become a leader and create wealth, you have to do some work.

Neurofeedback Works With Brainwaves to Make Change Easy

On a daily basis, millions of times per second, the brain transmits messages to the rest of the body through electrical impulses sent by the central nervous system. When the brain is impaired due to illness, stress, diet or accidents these electrical impulses called brainwaves are affected and therefore this creates abnormal rhythmic patterns.

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