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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1606

Changing Minds – Getting Used to Your “New” Mind

You’ve perhaps decided in your own wisdom and certainly your own learning has brought you to this point–the point of change. You’ve decided to give something up, take something up or otherwise change your mind and the way you think and act in life. And, you’re deadly serious about it.

The Mental Edge

What do the military elite, like Green Berets, Navy Seals and Delta Force have in common that most people don’t, which is the reason they are considered the elite? What is the key for the reason that these men are able to endure extreme hardship, and complete the most arduous of tasks under the most hostile conditions with the coolness of a surgeon? Is it sheer physical prowess, or genetic superiority? The truth is that even though most of these men are genetically superior and have more trained physical prowess than most, there is something else. The military elite of American Special Operations have something that most of them are born with that is trainable and can be developed in anyone – they have the mental edge!

How Segment Intending Can Really Change Your Life

For those of you who apply the law of attraction in your lives, you will know that at times it can be difficult to ‘stay on track’ when something so terrible is going on in your life and it takes a lot to ‘remain’ positive and before you know it you have manifested more of those negative feelings and situations into your life. I want to share with you one thing that I find really helps me to ‘stay on track’. It is to use the ‘segment intending process.’ By segment intending you are consciously considering what you are…

How Much Do You Control Your Mind?

Our mind is our greatest asset. All the events of our life seem to be run by our conditioned mind. Remember that you have absolute control over your mind whichever the circumstances are. Remain in control and achieve success in your life. Anyone who takes action with total commitment to success can achieve the best results against all the odds.

New Year’s Resolutions For Better Brain Health – Part 4

As we finish up our series on better brain health it’s time to take a moment to review. We’ve talked about how important nutrition is and the role it plays in learning and keeping your brain functioning at its best. We’ve talked about getting enough sleep, learning to relax and avoiding stress. You know you need to exercise both for body and brain. And you need to make sure your kids get enough exercise for the same reasons.

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