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Astral Projection Binaural Beats – The Life Situations in Which These Can Help You

The astral projection binaural beats provide for the quicker and easier entry of the mind and body into a form of deep mediation also known as trance. Form this state the astral body or the spirit enters the so called astral plane in which full conscious awareness of one’s self is achieved.

Brainwave Synchronization – How Does it Work?

Brainwave synchronization is basically another term for brainwave entrainment. It works by presenting the right binaural frequencies to the brain in order to achieve the desired altered state of consciousness. There are a few different types of brainwave synchronization that can be hugely beneficial to many people.

Free Binaural Beats – Where to Find Them

If you have been learning about binaural beats and other types of brainwave entrainment you are likely curious to try some free binaural beats to find out what they sound like, how they make you feel and if you want to make an actual purchase. Most brainwave entrainment companies will offer a free sample of their binaural recordings. The trick is to do a little research to figure out exactly which company you might like to purchase from. Watch for websites that offer only pure, raw, original audios that have not been used in stock recordings.

Astral Projection – What is Astral Projection?

You may have heard the term “astral projection”, but do you really know what it is? Most people who have heard of astral projection aren’t aware that it is real and anyone can achieve it.

Nurses and CNAs – Be Smart, Creative & Lifelong Learners

For those of us in the field of nursing, having an active, open mind and a true desire to learn are important attributes. Because things change rapidly in health care, nurses and CNAs can’t rest on their laurels and claim that they know all they need to know to do their jobs. And that’s a good thing! Studies have shown that an hour of increased brain activity can make a person smarter, more energetic, creative and open to new ways of thinking.

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