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The Secret Mapping Skills of Mr Miyagi

The Karate Kid has been remade for the new generation and is set to be released in June of 2010, starring Jackie Chan as Mr. Han — this new film’s “Mr. Miyagi.” For anyone unfamiliar with the original Karate Kid from 1984, Mr. Miyagi was the wise old master who taught the kid karate. Most notably, Mr. Miyagi was famous for giving the kid “chores” to do in return for teaching him to fight back against the local bullies. What wasn’t apparent at first was that the chores he was doing were actually techniques he would use in the act of self defense.

Humility, the Path to Follow to Self-Improvement

The Path of Humility, if followed can be most rewarding. This article discusses humility and the methods to achieve it. Do not allow success to swell your ego and create negative change in you.

How to Remove Detrimental Images From Your Mind

An open mind is not always healthy. Sometimes, rather most of the times, we allow either consciously or unconsciously allow incidents or images to settle in our mind deeply enough so as it is difficult to erase them from our mind.

Learning to Think Higher

Imagine if you will, your mind being like a multi story building. There is the sub level, a ground level, a first floor, second floor and so on. Like most sky rises, the most magnificent rooms exist on the top floor of the building, your mind.

Fears, Doubts & Failures – Eradicate Thoughts That Limit Your Potential

People everywhere have incredible ideas, hidden talents, unlimited potential, and reachable dreams, but they spend too much time listening to the voices of fear and doubt in their own minds that they thus never take a risk and put forth the necessary action required to realize those goals, dreams, and potential. They fail because they don’t attempt. Fears are thoughts of unnecessary worry and often demonstrate an inability to control one’s thoughts.

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