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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1619

Isochronic Tones – Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

Relax and visualise your desires with isochronic tones recordings, and tune your mind to achieve all your goals for the New Year. Whether you desire to beat an addiction, change a habit, be more successful in career, love life, or abundance creation, Isochronic tones will help get you there so much faster.

Telekinesis – Visualization

The entire universe is energy, and everything in it is as well. So, if you take control of your thoughts and begin directing them for a more positive outcome, you begin to see changes in your life. They may start off quite subtle, but you will find them if you look. Then you will notice, things will begin to go your way a little more often. It all begins and ends with your thoughts, and you need to become very active in what you think. Involve yourself more, really be apart of it.

Do You Link Your Thoughts?

By learning the art of linking thoughts, you learn to identify your interest, recognise your desire, accrue drive, and take action. These are the keys to take rein on your life.

The Secret of the Human Mind

Our human mind is of prime importance this is according to our past way of thinking, in the religious, psychological and philosophical materials: “As a man thinketh so is he.” They consider that it is our mind which creates our feeling to vibrate in a certain way to attract what we envision.

Manifestation Techniques Made Easy

The law of attraction has been discussed in depth for quite some time now. Like attracts like and our thoughts create our reality. Most of us have heard this but how many of us are actually using our mind to manifest what we truly want in life?

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