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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1621

Do You Believe in Destiny? Future Predictions Based on Personality Traces and Dreams

As you translate your dreams, you’ll notice that the traces of your personality might lead you to make serious mistakes in life, and that this is why your destiny is to learn how you can avoid making these mistakes, by correcting your behavior. If you are a psychological type based on thoughts, your destiny is to learn how to pay attention to the feelings you despise. The route of your life will allow you to test your capacities, and transform your personality, if you avoid the mistakes imposed by your one-sided psychological type.

Alpha Brainwaves – Is Increasing Alpha Brainwaves Safe

Are you curious about using Alpha Brainwave entrainment to help you increase your alpha brainwaves? If you were given the power to tap into your “Super Learning” ability, increase your immune system functioning, create positive thinking, and use your brain as a natural anti-depressant.

Direct Download of Information Into the Brain?

How can a child learn a language in no time, while an adult has to go through a time consuming series of memorizing words, grammar and structural rules? How come anything the child observes during the age between 2 and 7 is like a direct download into the brain, without any effort or strain?

6 Easy Steps to Boost Your Brain Function

Recent news of a study (1) on Gingko biloba has raised controversy about whether the herb really can boost brain function. The Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory (GEM) study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial – the “gold standard” of research – of more than 3,000, 72-to-96 year-old participants. Half took 120 mg of gingko twice daily, while the other half of the group took a placebo (no gingko).

Five Techniques to Strengthen Your Mental Toughness

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an Olympic Athlete, compete in the Ironman contest, or win a Grand Slam tennis match when you’re nearly at the brink of defeat? If you ask coaches and athletes, they will almost unanimously mention that mental toughness gave them the edge. Mental toughness is the ability to maintain focus and determination to stay on a course of action regardless of the difficulties.

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