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Satisfying Slime ASMR | Relaxing Slime Videos # 1630

Your Environment Shapes Who You Are Today

Do you believe that the people around you shaped who you are today? Who forms the environment around you? As you read this article keep on open mind and think about it later.

Do You Focus on Your Still, Small Voice?

We need updated neuroscientific knowledge about the brain to influence, persuade and convince folks. What the difference between top-down and bottom-up information? It matters, start now.

Alpha Brain Waves – 3 Reasons to Activate Your Alpha Brain Waves

Do alpha brain waves really reduce stress and anxiety, increase creativity, and promote peak performance? Living a stressful and high anxiety lifestyle is a recipe for failed health, limited creative functioning, and being unable to experience the full potential in our lives. Understanding the power of alpha activity states, provides a way to tap into areas of our minds that are waiting to be released.

Mental Training Techniques – Effective Mind Exercises to Boost Brain Power

In this article I outline three effective ways to increase your mental abilities. These mind training techniques are simple practices which you can do at any time. Put these methods to practice on a regular basis to bring focus and mental clarity into your life.

In Defense of Teasing

The article highlights the impact of teasing on children’s social development. There is an analysis of a news story about the issue. The story, which makes the case for rational teasing, is being analyzed in this article.

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