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3 Easy to Learn Mind Control Techniques

Mind control is the term used to refer to the use of various tactics to influence the human mind. With this process, an individual’s own thinking is affected in unconscious ways. As a result, the behaviors and emotions are also affected. The practical application involves the way one’s decisions are formed with the aid of such subvert manipulation.

Learn the Basics of Mind Power

What is mind power? How can it influence your life? How can it make you change for the better? Can it help you achieve what you want? Will success be within your reach if you maximize the potentials of your mind?

Are You Really Controlling Your Life?

We have a tendency to overestimate our control of our life. No, I’m not referring to the effects of “fate” and “destiny”. I’m talking about some of the most accepted scientific fact from the forefront of science.

Conscious Breathing Equals Better Learning

A number of products and services marketed to parents often prey upon a sense of guilt and desire to improve the lives of their children. This article outlines a method to improve your childs’ learning that is natural and ethically sound.

New Year Resolutions – Why Don’t They Work?

Many people make New Year Resolutions with the best of intentions even though they know that they’ve failed to keep them in previous years. The reason for such failures is often that success relies on Will Power which is not a very reliable resource when it comes to achieving your aims. Because they are frequently thought up almost on the spur of the moment, resolutions are rarely underpinned by a plan. Therefore the chances of success are effectively doomed from the start. So rather than resolutions what we’ve probably got are good intentions at best but in reality they are often just wishful thinking!

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