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How to Get Great Results With Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a great tool for your life, it takes hours to plan out that new web site or campaign. With mind mapping be laid out the way the brain works it makes following it easy and clear, even for children.

How to Predict Behavior Like Abraham Lincoln Did

Abraham Lincoln had an uncanny ability to predict behavior. For example, when Lincoln was President, he told one of his associates how every member of Congress would vote on a particular bill. To make the point, he wrote down what their votes would be. Sure enough, when the votes were tallied, Lincoln was on target for virtually every vote cast.

Brain Exercises For Senior Citizens

In this article I will talk about the reasons why brain exercise is so important today. I will go over the basic reasons why mind stimulation can increase brain focus and memory both long term and short term. I will also provide some resources which will help senior citizens and aging adults increase their brain awareness and strength.

7 Tips to Exercise Your Mind

You wake up in the morning and immediately a negative thought comes into your head. Maybe it’s something that’s been on your mind, a concern or an unresolved situation. Sure enough, not even a minute after you’ve opened your eyes, you’re right back in the thick of that stressful thought process.

Build a Better Brain

Interested in bettering yourself? Check out this argument for brain fitness along with practical suggestions as to how you can achieve a stronger, healthier mind.

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