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Can You Learn to Be an Entrepreneur?

Think about Masterson’s book title and its play on the usual phrase of ‘ready, aim, fire’. What do you think he means by his title, Ready, Fire, Aim? It relates to an entrepreneurial reality of our age that speed to market matters, coupled with a scientific principle that it’s easier to adjust direction from a moving position. So the answer is Yes, you can learn to be an entrepreneur as long as you are so inclined to do what it takes to put your learning to the test.

Something Wrong With Your Vision?

Depending on how we see things, or don’t see things, we behave accordingly. The behavior follows our vision- physical vision in these cases. What’s also cool is that the same principle applies with mental vision, or perception, and our subsequent behavior and learning. Let’s explore a bit.

The Power of Being Present Now

Sometimes in life things, opportunities and people disappear- poof! and we don’t get that chance to interact with them again. Then we are left to wonder whether we have done enough so far anyway, or whether it’s worth doing it over again, if we can. I guess to live a life with fewest regrets it comes down to living as fully in each moment as possible. Not always easy, even if we know the formula. It takes a fair amount of personal focus, mental discipline and emotional steadiness

Manifesting Through Good Nutrition

Have you ever considered the importance of nutrition in the proper application of the law of attraction? If we are living in an attraction-based universe and everything is energy, then even our food and drink have their own unique vibrational signature which can either interfere with or work in harmony with our own. The law of attraction is all about our brain waves and the power of our thoughts. The idea is that our thoughts radiate a certain frequency which attracts and delivers more of that particular frequency to us.

What is Brain Wave Therapy?

Have you heard of brain wave therapy? Wondering what it all means? Well, some of it may seem a little complex and it may even sound like some odd new-age spiritual mumbo-jumbo, but there is real science behind it all. Let’s see if we can take a gander at trying to break it down.

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