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The Four States of Consciousness

Before you begin your journey into meditation it is important to understand how your brain can switch between different states of consciousness and also the benefits and importance of each one of these states. It is also important that you realize that you already meditate numerous times throughout your day without you even realizing, read on and I will explain.

How to Use Alpha Brainwaves For Optimum Learning and Relaxation

We all know that our brains function on a daily basis at different brainwave frequencies beginning when we first wake up in the morning. The different brainwave frequencies correspond to varying states of alertness and relaxation. We are going to explore the Alpha brainwaves range, which is 7-13 Hz.

Mind Programming – What’s That? How the Mind Creates Your Reality!

Your mind is programmed. It’s kind of like in the movie, “The Matrix”. Once you realize your brain is programmed, you empower yourself to make changes.

The Power of Words and Thoughts

It is important to watch the words that you use and the thoughts that may be ruminating around in your head. It is believed that we have between 60,00 to 80,00 thoughts per day and most of them are repeats from yesterday. This article provides helpful tips to become aware of your words.

Alpha Brain Waves – Understanding Them and Their Benefits

Alpha brain waves are one of the four major frequency ranges in which the brain functions on a daily basis. Beta is the most active range, while Theta and Delta are the lowest ranges generally associated with sleeping and meditation. Alpha is considered to be the relaxed state. There are many benefits to alpha brainwave activity.

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