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The Total Demystifying Truth of the Subconscious Mind

Can we control our subconscious mind consciously? The answer is…

Developing Your Extraordinary Mindset Opportunities

This article is to start you toward reframing your thinking skills, attitude, and self-image in order for you, as a leader, to solve some of the challenges that come your way. Go beyond feeling stuck and not knowing what to do next. You need to think of creative ways to overcome the obstacles that get in your way and look for the opportunities that surrounds you. No matter what hurdles you face on your path, you can overcome them as you take master your strategic thinking view. These are what I consider as the basics for beginning an integrated framework for achieving extraordinary performance in leadership. Combining your solutions to challenging issues with risk taking, your decisive actions, simplifications of complex issues you face, and working with other leaders and employees, as well as having a positive vision for the future. All of these mindsets enhance the extraordinary leaders’ skills as they move their organizations forward in creativity, productivity, opportunity, and innovation.

Exploding Myths About Learning

“We’ve always done it that way.” The unproductive study habits we form as children stay with us for life. Discover a few gems here that may give you a boost in your studies and work.

Want Power Over Others? Mind Control Begins With You

Do you have as much power as you think you do? Or have you already surrendered it to someone else? Learn to be at cause in your life instead of waiting for someone else to manipulate you.

Keep Your Mind Sharp For a Lifetime!

Do you want to keep your brain healthy so that you are still mentally sharp as you grow older? Learn how you can maintain brain fitness in this article.

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