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THE BEST ASMR FOR YOUR ZODIAC SIGN (99.9% success rate 😜)

Subliminal Perception – Seduce From a Distance

Did you know that it was more than a little possible to seduce from a distance, and we are not talking about things like looks and charm. These are things you cannot control, because some of us would be borne looking good, some of us borne with average looks, and some of us are not so lucky in the world. While there are a whole host of options from going to the gym, plastic surgery and other treatments to make us look good, the game of dating and seduction is much more than just looks. They only go so far. What you need to do is to arm yourself with perhaps the most powerful seduction tool the world has ever known and this tool is called the subconscious mind.

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Mental Fitness – A Good and Healthy Mind While Aging

Aging does not have to mean that you have to suffer a sense of permanent intoxication–dizzy, distant, and constantly bugged with foggy thoughts. You can do some things about your mental alertness with these top 5 tips on improving mental fitness…

Silva UltraMind ESP System – Short Description

Silva UltraMind ESP system consists of the idea to discover your purpose in life and use your creative energies to achieve it. A life built around a purpose is a life that is truly exciting and accomplished. Specialists in the field say that Silva UltraMind ESP system is a experience, able to change everybody’s life better using correct and effective intuition with which we are endowed.

Meditation As a Daily Practice

Meditation is a beneficial practice for everyone! The practice can involve such simple exercises as stopping at periodic intervals throughout the day and breathing slowly by focusing on the breath. Meditation is helpful in calming you down in stressful situations by bringing you back to the present moment. It can also help you center your mind and bring you to a place of peace and serenity, so you are better able you to make clear, mindful, and wise decisions.

Focusing, Concentration Power and Inner Peace – How to Practice Mental Skills & Improve Performance

Modern Science has been working worldwide on new methods to get an insight view on the processes about the functioning of our brain since decades. The formula they discovered now has flown into a method of harmonizing our brain waves which can meet the expectations of so many people nowadays who suffer under stress and concentration problems.

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